Who Let the Dogs Out? Wild and Free Talkeetna Dogs Risk Impoundment

Animal Control Officer Darla Erskine was back in town to survey the streets of Talkeetna for dog-owner compliance with a borough leash-law. After two people were bit near Main Street last month, the office of Animal Control has taken a renewed interest in making people aware that their pets must be restrained in public, and what the consequences are should those pets, through no fault of their own, find themselves on the wrong side of the law.Regulations require all pets on public property to be physically restrained. Violations are subject to a one hundred dollar fine. Pets on private property can run free, but Erskine says they must be under voice control. Erskine did an informal count on Main Street, and says most people were doing the right thing.


Animal Control is authorized to impound loose pets, which means hauling them down to Palmer, at which point the owner would need to drive to Palmer. Erskine says they aren’t out to haul first-time offenders away to the slammer. However, she says habitual offenders and dogs who have bitten people are more likely to have the book thrown at them.


If an animal is classified as a threat, it may be required to be leashed at all times, including while at home on private property.

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