A whole new song and dance: Summer Stock Theater brings Godspell to life

After a break of many years, Summer Stock Theater director Lacey Ruskin returns to Talkeetna to re-invigorate the singing, dancing, acting, tumbling performance, starring the youths of Talkeetna This year’s show is a production of the rock-musical Godspell, which featuring parables from the gospels of Matthew and Luke, through songs that incorporate a variety of musical styles, from pop to folk rock, gospel, and vaudeville.KTNA’s Lorien Nettleton Caught up with Summer Stock Theater Director Lacey Ruskin and Denali Arts Council director Collen Love to talk about youth performance in Talkeetna.


That was KTNA’s Lorien Nettleton in a conversation with Lacey Ruskin and Colleen Love about Sumerstock Theater’s production of Godspell, which runs through Saturday, August 9th at the Sheldon Community Arts Hangar. The doors open at 7.

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