BLM eyes limits for guided hunts

The Bureau of Land Management is taking the first steps towards allocation of Special Recreation Permits for each Guide Use Area and is looking for feedback on commercial hunting guide services for its capacity analysis. Citing a need to study social issues and user conflicts, the BLM is taking a step similar to what the Forest Service, Fisha nd Wildlife Service, and DNR have already done.The Survey’s project lead, Bill Overbaugh says the BLM is interested in hearing from guides perspectives about recreation permits.
As a federal entity, the BLM is initiating the statewide hunting guide capacity analysis through a formal environmental assessment, complete with a 60 day comment period aftert which they will release a draft scoping document.
Overbaugh says the survey is broad-based, and they hope to get feedback from the more than 2000 mailers sent out, as well as efforts to reach all state-licensed guides as well as regional subsistence councils and state and borough agencies.
He says the BLM has historically recieved reports of certain kinds of conflicts along the way, and that they seem to be increasing for some areas, and the Bureau wants to identify what issues are in actual need for addressing.
The 60 day Formal scoping will end September 9, and the Draft Environmental Assesment will be out later this year or early 2013.

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