Clark murder trial continues

The second day of the Murder trial of Samuel Clark took place Thursday at the district courthouse in Palmer. Clark stands accused of shooting Dirk Fast in the Latitude 62 on October 29th, 2010.

The prosecution continued its case by calling several witnesses to testify. Testimony was given by several Alaska State Troopers involved in the apprehension of Clark, or in the investigation of the crime scene. The jury heard several hours of audio from the Troopers, who recorded the apprehension and arrest of Clark, as well as initial questioning while Clark was in custody.

According to one member of the audience, Clark could be heard on the tapes making a range of statements that became increasingly far-fetched. That audience member said the tapes sounded, quote “like the ravings of a lunatic” unquote.

The day ended with the Judge asking the Prosecution and Defense to submit briefs on how they intended to proceed. According to Jennifer Fast, the Daughter of Dirk Fast, the judge wanted the defense to clarify whether they intend to make the case that Clark believed himself to be under attack and acting in self-defense, or if they would be using Clark’s state of mind as a defense.

The trial is expected to continue on Friday with further testimony from Troopers, as well as the medical examiner. It is anticipated that the prosecution will conclude its case by early next week.

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