Murder trial of Samuel Clark begins

The Opening day of testimony in the Murder trial of Samuel Clark took place Wednesday in Palmer. In opening remarks, the prosecution said it intended to prove that Clark shot Dirk Fast intentionally in the Latitude 62 restaurant in October, 2010. According to eyewitness in attendance, the Prosecution claimed to have a so-called “smoking gun” evidence that Clark was aware of his actions.

Through the course of the day, the Prosecution called several eyewitnesses to the shooting to testify. Most of the prosecution’s witnesses Wednesday, stated that from their perspective there was little doubt that Clark shot Fast before leaving the Lattitude 62.

The prosecution will continue arguments on Thursday starting at 9 am. The Alaska Bureau of Investigation and the medical examiner are expected to be called upon by the prosecution to testify this week. Eyewhitnesses in the court said the prosecution may conclude its arguments as early as Friday and that the Defense could begin its arguments on Tuesday, August 14th.

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