Paths and progress at park downtown

Village park is abuzz with action today as the planned improvements continue to take shape

Borough Parks and Rec could be seen downtown as 15 loads of top soil were delivered. The soil will be used to level out the lumps in the park, and once it’s smooth, the soil will be seeded with grass to provide a lawn. Vern Williams says as long as the field is allowed to grow without getting trampled, Talkeetna could see grass sprouting in two weeks.
Other improvements on the way include a walking path, and Parks and Rec was laying plastic grid-mats down to harden the route. Topsoil will fill out the rest of the path, and Williams says it will be durable enough to withstand the several-hundred people expected to walk on it each day.

The 7-stall portable restrooms still haven’t arrived, but could be seen in town by next week, Williams said. Details of where to put the unit, which requires electricity and water, are still being worked out.

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