24-hour Fish-A-Thon to raise awareness for Susitna river

This coming weekend, four fishermen will be undertaking a test of fishing endurance. Team Urbanite will try their luck fishing the waters of the Susitna drainage for 24 hours as part of a nation-wide event. KTNA’s Lorien Nettleton has more:

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It’s an annual event – teams from all over the country pledge to fish non-stop from friday night to saturday night. It’s a 24-hour-fish-a-thon, and in its fourth year, one team is using the event to raise awareness about the proposed Susitna Watana hydroelectric dam.

Anchorage resident Jarred Behrendt is leading a four-person team.  and they say the catch-and-release event is both a test of endurance,. It’s also a fund-raiser to support the Recycled Fish Project and the Coalition for Susitna Dam Alternatives.

Berhendt says the organizations benefiting from the event are working to protect waterways for fish habitat.

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Team Urbanite will start fishing on the Susitna River near the bridge, and then work their way to the tributaries during the day. Berhendt says he regularly fishes the tributaries of the susitna, and when he heard about the proposed Susitna Watana hydroelectric dam, he wanted to do something to raise awareness about the project.

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The event is part of a nation-wide event to raise awareness of the conditions and concerns facing waterways across the country. More than 55 teams are registered to participate in the 24-hour Fish-A-thon, with Anglers from Alaska to Florida and from Ontario to Texas pledged to take to the streams for 24 hours. Funds raised during and after the event will be split between the Recycled Fish project, and the Coalition for Susitna Dam Alternatives.

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