Photograph, document, then clear out the soggy flotsam

Residents are reminded to document everything related to their recovery efforts, using photographs, lists of damaged items, and receipts for repairs or cleaning, such as sump-pump rental, cleaning supplies, or anything else used in the clean-up. At this time, anyone living in the flood plain will need to apply for a Flood Plain Development Permit before doing repairs to structures, and those cost $100. But Assistant Borough Manager George Hayes says he will ask the Assembly to waive the permit fee so people can get to work with repairs.

Michelle Olson described the processes in which flood-plains insurance assessments can be claimed. She reiterated the importance of documentation for the process, so that as they work with insurance and assistance claims, they’ll have files on-hand, ready to move the process along without delays.


She says with the high volume of claims expected to be filed, there will likely be inspections conducted by agents from out-of-state. According to Olsen, home-owners should check any quotes for materials to make sure they reflect prices in Alaska, which are higher than in the Lower 48.


According to Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Managemewnt representative Rebecca Lopes, individual grants up to 15-thousand dollars will be available for homeowners doing repairs. The application process for that is still being established, but local residents can expect to see DHS officials back in town October 8th and 9th to help with assistance applications.


Jeremy Zidek with Alaska Department of Homeland Security emphasizes getting rid of any flood-damaged items such as mattresses, drywall, insulation, even clothing that has been damaged by flood waters.


A disaster recovery center will be set up in the region on October 8th and 9th to help people submit their applications. According to Zidek, this will be the time to bring in the documentation to receive assistance or reimbursement.

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