Rising Talkeetna river crests Mercedes Road – River Subdivision evacuation called

The Talkeetna River has risen to 12 feet as of 11 am today. Water has crested the bank and is flowing on Mercedes Road in East Talkeetna. The Fire Department is advising residents of 30 homes in the River Subdivision to evacuate. Forecasters expect to see a rise of water levels on the Talkeetna River  today. As of Midnight last night, water depth below the Rail Road bridge was at 9 feet. Forecasts predict the river will rise to Minor flood stage of 13 feet by Mid-Day today.

Rising water on Montana Creek eroded the dyke at the Yoder Road Bridge on Wednesday. Crews attempted to repair the dyke wednesday evening, but were unsuccessful, and water breached the embankment, flooding Yoder road. Efforts to repair the dyke were suspended over night and Yoder has been closed until such time as repairs can be made.

Michelle Drive off the Spur Road is closed, a culvert is over capacity and flooding the road. The water is deeper than recommended walking thru.

Petersville Road is closed to Westbound Traffic at mile 4.5

Oilwell Road is closed at mile 5 due to washouts. It is one lane from mile 3

Kalispell road off of Helena near the Senior Center is closed

An evacuation notice was called in Willow for Shirley Town Road to the Parks Highway, along Willow Creek and to Willow Fishhook Road. Water had eroded Desneki road and residents have been urged to seek safety from steadily rising drainages coming from the Talkeetna mountains.

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