Talkeetna Community Council Briefs

The Talkeetna Community Council put their support behind the Library once more at their Monday-night meeting, voting to nominate the library’s capital construction campaign for a Community Improvement Project, which the Borough uses to prioritize construction projects. Librarian Ann Yadon says the library will soon know how many people have put in a bid to design the new structure.
An election committee has been formed and candidates nominated in Advance of October’s Board of Directors elections. Five board seats are open for election, and five people have nominated themselves to fill those positions. Sitting Board Members Whitney Wolf, Robert Gerlach and Mary Farina are running for another term, and RG Denny and Melis Coady will also run. The election will take place on October 2nd.

Also at Monday night’s meeting, a letter from a tour operator was addressed who wanted to bring a tour bus down main street. The council has historically asked tour operators to not ring motor-coaches down main street as a courtesy to the residents of town, and to alleviate congestion.

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