Talkeetna River continues to rise

The Talkeetna Fire Department reports a fairly quiet night in the Talkeetna and Trapper Creek areas as emergency crews continued to monitor flooding in area rivers and creeks.  While flooding continues throughout the region, conditions have not appreciably worsened since Thursday afternoon, and water levels are expected to begin slowly receding on many area waterways.

Video: Talkeetna River crossing Mercedes Road on Thursday

However, many area roads are still submerged and residents are strongly urged not to drive through flooding areas, as roadbeds can be changed by flooding, with the changes not necessarily visible.  They also advise that all drivers not bypass any borough barriers on roads – conditions beyond barriers are considered very dangerous.

While water levels are slowly going down in the some of the areas that have already seen flooding locally,  Willow Creek area residents are continuing to experience severe flooding.  Flood waters are also rising in the lower valley, and to the north, Gold Creek is currently rising. It is currently at minor flood stage and is expected to reach moderate flood stage by later today.

Yoder, Kalispell and Oilwell roads remain closed due to wash outs. These roads have taken severe damage, and may remain closed for several days.

Light flooding continues on Susitna River Road in Trapper Creek and at Moose Creek on the Petersville Road, but neither location is expected to worsen notably.

Flooding also continues on Romano, Michele, and Montana Creek Roads.

Talkeetna River: there is substantial water on roads in the River Subdivision – Mercedes and Beaver Road in the vicinity of the subdivision have flowing water across them and Cummings Road has water flowing across it with the culverts covered.  the condition of the roads beneath the flowing water is unknown and subject to change – we strongly recommend people not drive those roads until the water recedes. The Talkeetna River is currently still rising; it is likely that there will be additional flooding in the River Subdivision area.

When the flood waters recede, residents of the flooded areas can expect to see officials from the state and borough in their areas to further assessing damage.

Personnel from the Talkeetna and Trapper Creek Emergency Services are continuing to monitor conditions around the clock and will immediately notify the public of any changes.

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