Transitioning from response to recovery a process of many steps, will take time Officials say

Representatives from a number of Mat Su Borough  and Alaska State departments outlined the steps toward recovery after last week’s flooding in the Northern Susitna Valley. Residents had many questions about the process for cleaning personal wells, when road repairs can be expected, and how to apply for emergency assistance to help pay for flood-damaged property.

Independant 3rd party testing of the village water supply will be conducted Today, and results are due back in 24 hours. If you must drink water from the Talkeetna water utility, it is advised to boil it until further notice. Water is available at the firehouse for residents. People with private wells that came in contact with flood waters are advised not to drink their water until they have a chance to get the water supply tested. Before testing can happen, all private wells are to be purged with chlorine, following steps found at the website, or in a pamphlet which is also available at the fire house. The chlorine purge should last over night, and once it is complete, water testing kits can be picked up beginning at 10 am to    noon at the Fire house. The kits must be dropped off from 4 to 6 pm that same day. Results could take up to ten days to return from the lab, and tehre will be no charge to process them. Residents with wells in the flood area will have priority, and 25 kits per day will be available, because that’s the most the lab can process at a time.

Residents are reminded to document everything related to their recovery efforts, using photographs, lists of damaged items, and receipts for repairs or cleaning, such as sump-pump rental, cleaning supplies, or anything else used in the clean-up. At this time, anyone living in the flood plain will need to apply for a Flood Plain Development Permit before doing repairs to structures, and those cost 100 dollars. But Assistant Borough Manager George Hayes says he will ask the Assembly to waive the permit fee so people can get to work with repairs.

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