Willow Creek rising: Evacuation notice for residents on Shirley Town Drive in Willow

Mat-Su Emergency Operations has issued an evacuation notice to residents of Willow on Shirley Town Drive. Rising waters on Willow Creek are fast-moving and quickly eroding the banks. Willow Creekside Road is Flooding, and access to Willow Fishhook may be cut off soon. From Mat Su Emergency operations:

Evacuation recommended for Willow Creek residents along Shirley Town Road to Parks Highway
Willow Creekside Road is flooding
Deneki Road is compromised
The access to Willow-Fishhook may be cut off soon by water
The area of concern: Shirley Town Drive to Parks Highway along the Willow Creekside  and Willow Fishhook Roads. The water is fast moving. You can stay put if you feel safe, away from water. But if you can stay elsewhere tonight, it’s recommended.

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