A community feast for behavioral health

The Alaska Mental Health Board and Advisory Boards on Alcohol and Substance abuse are holding a quarterly meeting in Talkeetna this week, and on Tuesday Evening they are hosting a community potluck to engage residents about behavioral health.

Kate Burkhart is the Executive Director of the Alaska Mental Health Board. She says that in order for the combined Boards to do their job of providing planning and coordination of behavioral health services for the state of Alaska, they get out into communities as often as possible.
On Monday night there was a meditation and mental wellness event with acupuncture and massage. On Tuesday night the Boards are hosting a community potluck with music. Burkhart says informal gatherings are one of the best ways to connect with a community and receive input about behavioral health issues in Alaska


In Talkeetna, the combines Mental Health and Advisory Board on Alcohol and Substance Abuse are hoping to gather as much input as possible, from personal experiences in behavioral health, to suggestions for how to improve services. Burkhart says the combination of food and music is a way to give a little back to the community for hosting them.

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