Presidential Debates on the big screen at Sheldon Arts Hangar

by Melis Coady

On Wednesday night 30 people gathered at the Sheldon Community Arts Hangar to watch the 2012 presidential candidates debate about domestic issues. The debate, streamed in high definition, elicited laughs and mixed reactions from the crowd as they heard Governor Mitt Romney battle President Obama over America’s sluggish economy, the merits of Obamacare, education reform and the nations energy policy. After the event, viewers overall were pleased that the candidates were civil, issue focused, and more clear about explaining differences in their policies. Many people in this area live without television or have data rate plans too slow to watch video footage of the candidates on the Internet. It was a great opportunity to see the candidates face to face on the big screen.

The hangar will be hosting viewing of two more debates in this free non-partisan series encouraging local voters to hit the polls on Novemeber 6. The next debate will be shown live at 5pm on October 16, the candidates will be debating in a town-hall format including foreign and domestic policy at Hofstra University in New York.

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