Su Valley Voice-10-17-2012-domestic abuse

KTNA’s Lorien Nettleton talks with behavior health specialist Ceci Schoenberger and intern Jayme Spires about domestic abuse in our communities. The hour of audio is divided into three parts.







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18 Warning Signs of Domestic Violence
•    Gets too serious about the relationship too fast

•    Jealous and possessive

•    History of abusive relationships

•    Isolates you from family and friends

•    Blames others for problems and mistakes

•    Makes everyone else responsible for their feelings

•    Says their feelings are easily hurt

•    Strict male/female roles

•    “Playful” use of force during sex

•    Yells and calls you names

•    Sudden mood changes

•    Tries to control all aspects of your life

•    Uses intimidation

•    Makes and controls all financial decisions

•    Cruel to children and animals

•    Uses children to manipulate you

•    Threats of violence against self and/or others

•    Threatens to reveal personal or damaging information about you to your family or employer

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