Talkeetna Community Council meeting briefs

The October meeting of the Talkeetna Community Council took place on Monday night at the Talkeetna Elementary School. The meeting was brief, and contained mostly procedural actions based on the pending transition of board members following Tuesday’s elections. Here is a brief recap:

The Susitna Dam committee informed the council that the Department of Transportation’s Access Route Summary is open for comment until October 15th, and the comment period for the Proposed Study Plan has been extended one month to November 15th.

The Parks and Trails Advisory Council informed the Council of a work meeting coming up on October 11th that would help the advisory board establish goals for the coming year. They will also consider the Government Peak Plan in the Hatcher Pass area on October 22nd. The Parks and Rec advisory Committee was divided on a plan to make a motorized access route through areas of the non-motorized recreation area.

The deadline for Revenue Sharing grants is October 15th, and the Revenue Sharing Grant Committee is being formed to determine how to spend the state money on projects that benefit the community.

The Road Service Area update included statements about repairs to flood-damaged roadways in the area. Yoder road is already opened, and Mercedes Road in east Talkeetna has been made passable, but still awaits improvements to return it to the condition it was before the flood event. The restoration of Kallispell road is scheduled to being soon. DOT intends to return Montana Creek to its original stream-bed, after its course was altered into Kalispell road where a good 100 yards of roadway were removed by the rushing waters of the creek. Also, in Downtown Talkeetna, B street and the Alleyway will be paved this week, with work scheduled to start on Monday. The roads have already been graded, and paving is imminent.

The Council spent a good amount of time discussing the flood and what actions the council should take to help shape response to this flood and whether there were mitigating options they should pursue to protect town from the next flood, including repairing existing dykes and creating new dykes. The Council agreed to look in to their options and form a flood committee during the next Council Meeting.

It was the final meeting for Council Chair Sharon Montagnino, who had presided over meetings of the Council for a number of years. She is stepping down in advance of the November meeting during which time new board members will be appointed. The Council and audience gave her a round of applause for her work with the Council and wished her well in her new pursuits.


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