The Circus Never Leaves Town

by Phillip Manning
With winter fast-apporaching, Talkeetna residents are likely to start looking for activities to stay active and healthy during the colder months, especially activities geared toward children.  The Green Light Circus is a youth-centric fitness and recreation program in Talkeetna.  While the summer circus camp and performance is their highest profile event, the circus does not, in fact, leave town once the show is over.

The organizers of Green Light Circus have begun this year’s Circus Sunday program, which allows participants from the summer program to maintain the skills they learned as well as welcoming new students.  The program offers tumbling, juggling, hula hoop, acrobatic and “zero-gravity” yoga, as well as any other similar skill that participants wish to practice.

R.G. Denny of the Green Light Circus says that the aim of the winter program is to establish continuity and get a head start for the 2013 summer program.  Denny says the Circus is planning for a similar type of summer program for next year, with a three week camp followed by a student show, as well as the Roustabout show put on by the program instructors.  The acquisition of grant funding for next season is underway, and he expects some of the instructors from 2012 to return for the 2013 program.

In addition to their usual activities, Green Light Circus is holding a poster contest and is inviting designs for a second logo to use on promotional materials.  Both are open to anyone interested, and the deadline for submissions is February 14, 2013.

Circus Sundays are open to participants seven and older.  There will be two ten week sessions this winter.  The first session is currently underway and runs until December 2nd.  Sessions take place at 6:00 pm each Sunday at the Sheldon Community Arts Hangar.

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