Another fire in the Valley – Trapper Creek box car burns down

A fire in Trapper Creek reduced a residence to ashes on Thanksgiving day. According to Alaska State Troopers:

At approximately 2:30 in the afternoon on November 22nd, troopers responded to Petersville Road in Trapper Creek for a report of a box car on fire at the end of an airstrip. The fire was outside the fire service area so no fire personnel responded initially.  Troopers arrived on scene at approximately 3:10 pm and conducted a check of the box car and surroundings.  The structure was still partially on fire at the time . Troopers returned to the scene on Friday afternoon to continue the investigation.  With the help of Trapper Creek EMS personnel, Trooper and personnel located what could possibly be human remains in the ashes. The fire burned very hot. Much of the structure and evidence was reduced to ashes.  The State Fire Marshall’s Office is responding and the State Medical Examiner’s Office has been notified and the evidence found will be evaluated to determine if it is human remains. The person who is known to occupy the structure is currently unaccounted for.

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