Clark sentenced to 75 years for the murder of Dirk Fast

Samuel Clark was sentenced to 75 years of prison for the shooting of Dirk Fast on October 29th, 2010. Judge Eric Smith suspended 25 years of the sentence, and Clark, who is 42, would be released in 50 years at age 92.

District Attorney Michael Perry prosecuted the case for the State. He says that while Clark has the opportunity to appeal, the sentencing offers needed closure to the case to the people involved.

clip: 1 Clark

Several of Dirk Fast’s family members read statements prior to the sentence. Friends of Fast also commented, and the Sister of Sam Clark read a statement as well. Sam Clark read a brief statement which included an apology. According to Perry, there was a lot of concern in the room today.

Clip: 2Clark

After Sam Clark’s conviction for 2 counts of murder in August, a statement was posted to a community web page in Memory of Dirk Fast. The statement reads:
“Take a moment to let go of your anger and open your heart to ONLY hold the loving memories you have of Dirk. Make a vow to yourself to only remember him without the negative attachment of this trial and Sam Clark.”

Dirk Fast’s daughter, Jennifer Fast, did not attend the sentencing. Her daughter, Dirk’s 2nd grand-child, was born at 4:01 Friday morning.

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