Emerging Energy grant gets innovative projects into production

The Alaskla Legislature created the emerging energy fund to sponsor technologies that are close to becoming operational. The fund, administered by the Alaska Energy Authority, and last week 16 projects around the state were awarded money to complete their visions for renewable energy mechanisms.

AEA Spokesperson Emily Ford says the fund has been seeded with over 8 million dollars from the legislature.


Examples of projects that will be moved forward into production include a biomass reforestation project in Fairbanks, where The Alaska Division of Forestry plans to demonstrate forest regeneration after a biomass harvest by planting un-rooted poplar tree stem-cuttings. Another project in Delta Junction will hoist a massive wind turbine by a heliumfilled shell at an elevation of 1,000 feet to take advantage of more consistent wind speeds.

Ford says the projects all seek to stabilize the fluctuating nature of renewable energy sources to make them more consistent.


Priority for the fund was given to local businesses and non-profits, with the goal of finding better ways to meet energy needs in Alaska, which has the highest energy rates in the country.

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