Fish and Game Advisory Council looks for ways to fill seats for fish issues

The Susitna Fish and Game Advisory Council met on Wednesday Night at the Upper Susitna Senior Center to hold elections and their regular meeting.

Newly elected Chairman Bruce Knowles says it is important for people concerned about fish and game issues in the Susitna Valley to participate, and he hopes this request means they could have a full council and have their voice heard.


At the meeting, the Council passed a resolution to ask permission to change the rules about who can serve. The way the area designations are set up, two members must be from each town represented in the council, and that can be hard to have a full council.


Tom Kluberton is a member of the Fish and Game Board, and he updated the Council about the Cook Inlet Chinook Task Force, which is seeking to solve issues that kept set-netters out of the water all summer, except for two days last year.


The Fish and Game Board is having an out-of-cycle meeting this winter to address last summer’s complicated issues that contributed to a lack of fishing opportunities for numerous groups of fishers. The Board ordinarily meets every three years.

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