Investigation continues on three suspicious fires; not yet called arson

Alaska State Troopers continue to investigate three suspicious fires in Talkeetna, and are asking residents to keep a watchful eye around town. Sergeant Shuey says the Division of Fire and Life Safety continues to conduct their investigation in to the cause and origin of the three fires, which have occurred in unoccupied structures over the last two weeks.


Troopers have not determined whether the fires are arson or not, and there are currently no suspects under investigation. There are many speculations circulating about what, or who may be causing the fires. Townspeople are alert for suspicious activity, and looking for ways to help deliver justice. Sergeant Shuey says the most helpful thing residents can do is call the Troopers for any suspicious activity, rather than take matters in to their own hands.


Sergeant Shuey says the increased Trooper presence in town is related to the ongoing investigations at the site of the fires, but ads that the Troopers are continuing their duties as Safety officers, responding to calls that come in on a daily basis. The extra vigilance means there are more eyes on streets to catch anything suspicious, and the more of that kind of information that makes its way to the Troopers, the better the investigation will go, Shuey says.


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