The case for community projects in search of Revenue Share funding

The Talkeetna Community Council has received 11 proposals for community improvement projects using Revenue Share Funds. $26,900 is available for projects that benefit the community, and on Monday night, the Council’s Revenue Share Committee heard presentations from the applicants detailing how they intended to use the funding if their project was selected.
$3,000 was requested to get a Special Use District, or SPUD campaign underway. the SPUD is a local-control set of regulations that spell out what a person can and can’t do with their property in Talkeetna. The SPUD was designed to preserve the intrinsic identity of the Town.

The Coalition for Susitna Dam Alternatives requested $5,000 for Workshops & Outreach

Upper Susitna Seniors requested $6,000 for their Meals on Wheels program. KTNA asked for $1,200 for a Business Office Computer

Northern Susitna Institute had the highest single dollar-value request, asking for $12,005 for a Green Remodel of their Building downtown. Talkeetna Historical Society are continuing work on Belle’s Barn Landscape Rehabilitation & Barn, and $4,500 would help them along the way. Upper Susitna Food Pantry requested $6,000 for Food & Transportation Support, and the Upper Susitna Soil and Water Conservation District asked for just over $4,000 for the Village Park Project

In all, more than $50,000 in projects were proposed. the Revenue Share money available is $22,000. The Committee will present their recommendations to the Talkeetna Community Council for approval at the December meeting.

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