A racy calendar to boost Senior Services

As local organizations continue to look for ways to support Senior Services in the Valley, one group has a spicy solution. According to the Mat Su Frontiersman, Mat-Su Senior Services has released a pin-up calendar starring such bombshells as 85-year-old Jean Chapman as Miss July, in black lingerie and perched on a vintage pick-uyp truck. There’s also 87-year old Gina Strayer reading the funny papers in her birthday suit, and Dee Brown, as Miss April, reclining on a classic sports car.

Bill Tull also appears in the Calendar, which features both Pin-up and Beefcake shots. Tull told the Frontiersman that, quote “none of it is risque or naughty. Maybe 50 years ago, but times have changed.” He then added, quote “Haven’t you heard? 80 is the 50.”

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