FEMA eyes dyke, other public infrastructure for post-flood repairs

On Tuesday representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Administration toured the Northern Susitna Valley to examine flood damage and assess to what extend the Feds could assist in repairs and mitigation. FEMA had previously resolved that they would make assistance available for Public infrastructure, and leave compensation and repairs for private property in the hands of the State and the Borough. In Talkeetna, FEMA examined the Dike that runs from the Railroad Bridge to South of Main Street. According to Talkeetna Community Council President Cary Birdsall, they asked a lot of questions, and gave some indication that repairs might be underway before the river breaks up in spring. There are still details to work out. Since the Dike was constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers, and was intended to be maintained by the Borough, FEMA must decide which entity will carry out the work.

The feedback given by interested community members at Monday’s flood-mitigation session of the Talkeetna Community Council will be forwarded on to a hydrologist who can make recommendations on what future course of action could be taken to reduce the possibility of catastrophic flood events.

According to Borough Emergency Manager Casey Cook, more discussions between the Borough and the State are underway to determine what funding is available for repairs to private property damaged in Septembers floods.

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