Festival of Lights brings people together for seasonal sharing

The Festival of Lights is an annual tradition of non-denominational celebration of the winter season. This year’s festival of lights takes place on the winter solstice, and the Arts Council invites the community to share a part of their traditions during the holiday season.

For Jamie Spires, the Festival of Lights is a way to carry on memory of her mother, Emilia Spires Denny, who was a big part in the community of Talkeetna


The event is designed to bring people together and allow them to share a part of themselves with the community. Spires says it’s a great chance for people to connect in ways they might not connect on an every-day basis


The event has become a variety show of sorts, with short acts in a variety styles, from songs to skits to stories or poems. DAC’s Emily La Porte says it isn’t hard to come up with something unique to share, given the abundance of holiday material. There are even some regulars at the event.


La Porte says it’s low pressure, a chance for people to try different things without the worries that come along with a more involved performance.


The festival of Lights is on Friday, December 21st at the Sheldon Community Arts Hangar.

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