Governor’s proposed budget has $95 Million for Su Dam, $30 Million for Public Safety

Governor Parnell submitted his budget to the legislature at a meeting of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce on Friday. In his remarks, he hi-lighted main areas of the proposed $12.8 billion tab.

Among the first areas the Governor emphasized was public safety.


The Governor formalized his request for $10 million for Chinook Salmon research.


Energy priorities in the Governor’s budget include $95 million dollars for the Susitna Watana Hydro dam project.


He also asked the state for $125 million for the sustainable energy fund, another $51.5 million for the Weatherization and Home energy rebate funds.

Resource extraction was also prioritized, with $18 million for Roads to Resources for access to mineral and timber extraction.

Other budget priorities include education, and Parnell stated a goal of increasing Graduation Rates in Alaska up to 90% by the year 2020. Today’s graduation rate is 70%

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