Musicians Zuill Bailey and Natasha Paremski will woo Talkeetna with classical cello and piano

Since taking over as Artistic Director of the Sitka Summer Music Festival, Cellist Zuill Bailey has been making efforts to bring classical music to many far-flung communities across Alaska. He’s traveled by Float Plane and train to some remote spots for cello performances and conversation with music fans state-wide.


Bailey will be joined in Talkeetna on Saturday night by a rising star in the classical world, pianist Natasha Paremski. The evening will feature a solo cello Bach suite, solo piano in a Chopin Ballade, then sonatas and other arrangements for both instruments will take center stage. Bailey says the musical selections emphasize the strengths of each instrument. Since both Bailey and Paremski are premiere instrumentalists in their field, Saturday night’s concert is one not to miss.


Known for his informative and engaging presentation, Bailey likes to share stories behind the music. He also has some great stories about his very unique cello, which actually pre-dates any music written for cello by many years.


Sitka Summer Music Festival performers Zuill Bailey and Natasha Paremski will be in Concert on Saturday, December 15th at the Sheldon Community Arts Hangar, starting at 7 p.m.

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