Arctic explorer turns back from 3rd try to top Denali in January

After reaching a high point of over 17-thousand feet, Arctic Explorer Lonnie Dupre abandoned his goal of summiting Denali Alone in January.

According to Dupre’s base camp coordinator Stevie Plummer, Dupre encountered tough snow that made building an ice cave difficult, and after a long climb to reach 17-thousand feet, he spent a night at temperatures of thirty-five below just keeping warm instead of getting rest.As of 10 am monday morning, Dupre had yet to descend as far as 11-thousand feet, where he left his skis. From there, he will have a quick trip down to seven-thousand feet to await a flight from the mountain back to Talkeetna. He reported having some first-degree frostbite, but Plummer said it is something he has encountered before and knows how to treat.

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