Ellen Thea’s new book follows her to the ‘Apocalypse’

One of Talkeetna’s own has achieved a lifelong dream, and published a new book. Ellen Thea’s first-ever published book is called “On My Way to the Apocalypse,” and she’ll be reading from it at a book release party at the Talkeetna library on Friday night.

The book is a prose poem with pictures, and follows a fanciful story of transcendental accidents, each turn of the page reveals a new twist to the poem, an adventure of apocalyptic scale.

Ellen says the book is a reflection of her own attempts to stay upbeat despite the undeniable face that the universe tends towards entropy.


Thea is a Talkeetna resident and KTNA volunteer, and she’s loved words and writing for her whole life.


Ellen will be reading from her book on Friday evening at the Library. She recorded a selection for us to play on KTNA an excerpt, if you will, about the journey through the apocalypse and out the other side.


You can hear more of Ellen Thea’s book “On My Way to the Apocalypse” at the release party and reading on Friday night at the Library, starting at 6.

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