KTNA 20th Anniversary

KTNA is celebrating 20 years broadcasting to the Upper Susitna Valley…

Birthday cake is on the menu for the Annual Membership meeting on February 17!

But we’re also celebrating 20 years by bringing you audio pieces and news stories that have been broadcast during the past two decades.  We’ll be sharing the past with you every Friday right after the noon news.

Today we hear from Tracy Sheeley at the South Pole Station.  Sheeley, one of the many, many volunteers that have helped make KTNA work, produced a 7 part series while she worked at the South Pole Station sometime around the year 2000.

We have two pieces from the series today.  This first piece was the introduction to the series and establishes the scene for the following pieces that Sheeley produced.

1. South Pole Introduction 3-23

Sheeley was contacted by KTNA this week and provided this background on the audio pieces and what she is up to now…

“I‘m not positive on the year, but my best guess is 1999-2000.  I worked the austral summer at South Pole, so the pieces would’ve been created between October and February, and may have spanned two summer seasons.

I volunteered at KTNA for several years, and still have a cabin outside Talkeetna, though I live in the lower 48 now.  I still do the same type of work (logistics for National Science Foundation researchers) but have moved to the US Arctic Program and am the Operations Manager for Summit Station, a year-round science research station located at 10,530’ on the Greenland Icecap.  I am headed there next Monday for a winter crew turnover.

Very happy birthday wishes to KTNA, and my greetings to anyone that I worked with there – it is a great station!


Tracy Sheeley”

This second piece, titled “Freshies” was the 5th program in the 7 part series and Sheeley tells us about fresh food in a far away place…

5. South Pole Series-Freshies! 3-41

Tracy Shelley bringing the South Pole to the upper Susitna Valley on KTNA, 10 years ago

Tune in next Friday at 12:30, right after the noon news… when we bring you other news and voices from the past 2 decades…KTNA’s first 20 years.

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