KTNA 20th Anniversary audio–One Man’s Life

KTNA is celebrating 20 years broadcasting to the Upper Susitna Valley. Throughout the year, we’re airing audio pieces which have been broadcast during the past two decades. The pieces air on Fridays at 12:30.

Today we hear from Grete Perkins, a voice from A Sense of Place, one of our Earth and Beyond programs. This segment, aired in the year 2000, is called One Man’s Life. It’s a collage of audio glimpses into the life of a not-so-ordinary Alaskan, that of Grete’s partner John Baker. Grete and John still live in Talkeetna.

Audio runs 12:45

Earth and Beyond, A Sense of Place- One Man’s Life, by Grete Perkins (2000?)aired for retrospective 2013


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