Cabin Fever Reliever gets the community together in Trapper Creek

Trapper Creek Community Services is holding the 25th Cabin Fever Reliever at the community park this Saturday.

Lon McCullough has been working with Trapper Creek Community Services to host the Fever Reliever for six years. He says it’s a great event, with lots of activities for kids. The pioneering spirit still survives as Cabin Fever Reliever volunteers this silver anniversary year will have all sorts of games for children and adults, dog sled rides, pony rides, a bake-off, chili cook-off, art show, crowning of Lady of Cabin Fever Reliever, pie eating contest, photo contest, good food, exhibits, Bingo and a few surprises.

There is also a History exhibit at the Fever Reliever. Long-time Trapper Creekers Marino and Carol Seek donated dozens of photographs and mementos from their early start as homesteaders in 1959.

41 members of Trapper Creek Community Services own the park. Where as most parks are owned by the borough or the state, the community of Trapper Creek owns the park, and the Cabin Fever Reliever is the one fundraiser they have each year to pay for maintenance. Every business in Trapper Creek has donated prizes for the raffle, and McCullough suspects they will give away $4-thousand dollars worth of goods and services before the day is done.

Trapper Creek invites anyone from Talkeetna to come over for a tug of peace between the two towns, but McCullough warns anyone who shows up to bring their best and biggest, because Trapper Creek intends to pull them through the snow.

The Cabin Fever Reliever starts at 11 am on Saturday, March 16.

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