Council urges review of pesticide regs, supports Water and Sewer plea for state help

The Talkeetna Community Council is asking for a revue of newly passed Pesticide regulations for State Lands. The Council voted to send a letter to the Administrative Revue Committee of the Alaska State Legislature asking them to revue the new regulations, which were Adopted by the Department of Natural Resources in February.The Council’s concern is that the new regulations cut out public participation in the process of determining where and how pesticides are applied, and that the new regulations make no requirement to identify and protect water bodies on state lands.

The Council also agreed to support the Talkeetna Water and Sewer Utility’s request to state representatives for financial assistance. The Utility, which is operating at a deficit, has been seeking sources of revenue to support the water and sewer service. Currently, the rates charged to the fewer than 200 customers can not make up the cost of operation. The Council also asked Vern Halter to introduce a rule change on who can serve on the Water and Sewer Board, to allow any customer to volunteer for the board.

The Council also voted to support two pieces of legislation in the State House that would increase the Community Revenue Share Grants to keep up with inflation, as well as establish a fund to make the grants perpetual.

The Council will consider whether Talkeetna will become a Purple Heart Community. VFW Post 3836 Commander Buddy Gray approached the council at Monday night’s meeting to ask them to consider registering Talkeetna as a Purple Heart Community. The designation would permit the town to display a designating it as such. Houston and Wasilla have already become purple heart communities, and the Kenai Peninsula Borough is a Purple Heart Borough. Gray says that if more communities in Alaska become purple-heart communities, it could help  influence the Alaska legislature to pass a resolution to become a Purple-Heart State. The Council will address the request at their April meeting

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