Flood mitigation still pending, unlikely to be in place before break-up

Repairs to the roads and dikes damaged by floods in September, 2012 is still on the way, but hope is fading that certain repairs will be completed before break-up on the Talkeetna and Susitna rivers.

The dike protecting Talkeetna from the river experienced severe erosion, and a request for funds to repair the structure is expected to be repaired shortly, but Emergency Services manager Casey Cook says the process is making its way through a lengthy approval process.

Cook says there is a slim chance that a portion of the funding will be granted as emergency repairs which would allow for faster process to start work on the dike. What’s more likely is that once the approval comes from FEMA and the State, it will be put out to bid under the normal RFP process. In that event, Cook says it is unlikely the dike will see repairs before break up.

Meanwhile, the response plan for what to do in the event of flooding this spring is under way. Cook says he has been impressed with the preparations led by Fire Chief Ken Farrina and other community members.


Emergency responders are encouraging everyone to have a plan in case of evacuation, including preparing a go-bag with important items, medications, and paperwork.

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