Trails and Parks have a sunny outlook this summer in Talkeetna

The Trails and Parks Advisory Committee for Talkeetna held a quarterly meeting on Wednesday to discuss upcoming developments for the area’s recreational opportunities. KTNA’s Lorien Nettleton has more:

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Residents and visitors alike have used the trails along the Talkeetna River and the ridge east of town since they were first built in the  early 1980s. Now, an effort is underway to preserve the linked trails with easements and right-of-ways. According to TPAC member Howard Carbone, preserving the trails for perpetuity has been a long-needed action


Carbone says the Trails and Parks Committee discussed the effort to preserve the River and Ridge Trails during their quarterly meeting on Wednesday night. The process of securing the easements for the River and Ridge trails is an administrative one: all parties involved would like to see the trails granted permanent easements.


Another topic discussed at the meeting was summer work planned for the Talkeetna Lakes Park. The youth Conservation Corps is planning on hand-finishing the trails and planting seeds along the new ski trails that were put in place last summer, to help manage erosion and protect the ground cover. Carbone says no new construction is planned within Talkeetna lakes at this time, and the community will be asked to come together to decide what’s next for the area.


Another topic covered at the meeting were the final touches put in place for the Village Park, which were decided through  Village Park Work Group, comprised of a number of interested parties. Already in place is one new pit toilet, a new bandstand, and signage. Last summer the ground received new sod. This summer, the old bandstand will be moved to Talkeetna Historical Society property, making room for more sod and the last of the park improvements, such as parking barriers.

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