Meters register huge disparity between water pumped vs water used

Talkeetna Water and Sewer Advisory board continues to wrestle with the challenge of establishing a rate structure that is equitable for all water customers.

Karen Schapansky notified the Talkeetna Council that a huge disparity exists between the amount of water pumped from the well, and the amount of water delivered at each customer’s meter. This year, the well has pumped over a million gallons of water, but only a quarter of that made it to the meters. There is no explanation for the discrepancy, but it makes developing a rate structure based on how much water is used much more difficult. In Schapansky’s opinion, if the rate is set based on how much water is pumped from the well, 2 cents per gallon would cover it. But if the rate was based on how much water was used by metered customers, it would have to be 25 cents per gallon.
Currently, the State Budget has a 100,000 item for the Water and Sewer utility to develop a business plan. Meanwhile, the Advisory board continues to look for funding sources to help with looming costs of maintaining and repairing the sewage lagoon.

A recent change to the board’s bylaws now makes it possible for any water and sewer account-holder to serve on the advisory board, and Schapansky is hopeful that will boost community involvement in the issue.

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