High Water update

Montana Creek cut a trench across Yoder Road on Thursday night. Emergency Services  erected barricades, and Chief Farina declared it impassable. He urged that the barricades be respected. Farina said residents have been expecting this, and have been bringing in supplies.

The Yoder Road was opened for traffic by 11:30am Friday. (photo by Dan Ebner)

Friday at 4pm the Talkeetna River was in Minor Flood Stage measuring 12.25 feet and the Susitna River at the Parks Highway Bridge measured 23.82 feet. Both Rivers are under a flood advisory.

Emergency Services is keeping close watch on the Talkeetna and Susitna in Downtown and East Talkeetna.

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Areas of concern:
Flood Watch remains in effect through Saturday afternoon for the Susitna River from Talkeetna to Canyon. Warm temperatures continue to substantially increase the amount of snow melt runoff moving through smaller streams and into the Susitna River.

1. Kalispell Drive has lost another 40 feet of embankment and now has a back eddy eating away at the road.

2. Yoder Road was blocked off at 2300 hours last night. The water started to drop around 0200. Road Service is currently working on Yoder Rd to make it passable.

3. Mercedes Dr. has minor flooding and we are continuing to monitor it.

4. Willow Creek at the Parks Hwy. is at near flood stage but is projected to drop.

5. N. Sushanna has reported water over the road.

6. Moose Meadow Bridge has reported high water. We are continuing to monitor the situation.

A two-person watch will monitor the flood areas on Talkeetna tonight.

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