Storynory & Mory – The Seal Catcher

The Secret Garden is moving in very exciting direction as Mary and Dickon take the invalid Colin to see the garden, and he makes a fateful declaration. This week we also squeezed in a story about a man put in an awkward situation by the animals he hunts. Plus, we started our summer riddle series with a riddle about an animal which may be mythical, but may also be real. If you can figure it out, send you answer to storynory[at], or call the station at 733-1700 and leave a message.

Who am I with four legs
Who can also lay eggs
With the beak of a duck
Don’t I have all the luck?
With venom like a snake
I can swim in a lake
Who am I?

The Secret Garden Chapter 20

The Seal Catcher

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