Eagle River Man Arrested in Caswell

An Eagle River man was arrested on Saturday night for allegedly brandishing a shotgun at a family setting off fireworks.  According to State Troopers, James Juliussen of Eagle River was staying at his cabin in the Eagle’s Nest subdivision off Hidden Hills Drive. According to Trooper spokeswoman Beth Ipsen, Juliussen became upset with a family in the subdivision lighting fireworks on a community dock.  He walked from his cabin to the dock and told the family, which included a child, to stop.  During the confrontation, Juliussen was allegedly carrying a shotgun, which caused the family to fear that they might be injured.  They called the State Troopers, who arrested Juliussen for Third Degree Assault and two counts of placing the family in imminent fear of physical harm.

The Trooper dispatch report says that alcohol is suspected to be a factor.  Beth Ipsen says that the arresting troopers smelled alcohol on Juliussen, but enough time had elapsed since the incident that they were not able to determine if he had been drinking before the confrontation.  According to Ipsen, Juliussen did not contact Troopers regarding the fireworks.

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