Decision on Caswell Lakes Road Delayed Until Next Assembly Meeting

In addition to the M/V Susitna, the re-appropriation of $750,000 from road improvements in Big Lake to road improvements in Caswell, including the South Caswell Loop was on the agenda for the special meeting of the Borough Assembly on Thursday.  Assembly Member Halter expressed concerns with the ordinance as it is currently written.

“I think the number’s wrong.  I think the real number is $1.6 million.  The road they’re going to do is not the total loop that they planned on, up there.  I’d really like to have a chance to talk to the Caswell Road Board, now, and see what they’re thinking on this.  They were going to move some of their own personal road service area money in there just so they could meet this bid.  I’m not really objecting to that.  I think Mr. Jenson says they’re not really feeling like they want to construct it this fall, anyway, so there’s not a time-sensitive thing.  Quite honestly…I think we’re only getting about a third of what the voters voted on, at most.”

Halter moved to push the ordinance to the next meeting, and the Assembly agreed, unanimously.

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