This Year’s PFD Will be $900

The amount of the Permanent Fund Dividend has been announced, and it’s bigger than expected.  Amid speculation that the Dividend could go down this year after last year’s $878, acting Revenue Commissioner Angela Roddell says that qualifying Alaskans can expect $900 from the Permanent Fund this year.  Alaskans who signed up for direct deposit could start seeing the money in their accounts starting October 3rd.  Paper checks for those residents who requested them will be sent on October 3rd, as well.

The state says that, in all, more than $576 million will be disbursed to Alaskans.  PFD applications were down by about 7,000 this year, and totaled just under 671,000.  Since the Dividend is based on a five year average, many hope that next year’s will get close to breaking the thousand dollar mark, since the averaged years will be distancing themselves from recession years.

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