Sunshine Clinic Annual Meeting Will be Next Tuesday

The Board of Directors for the Sunshine Community Health Center will hold its annual meeting on Tuesday, October 29th at the Willow Clinic.  Since late June, the Board’s meetings have been attended by numerous concerned community members.  The public comment portions of the meetings have been extended on multiple occasions to allow patients to express concerns in the wake of the departure of former Medical Director, Dr. Mary Loeb.   Much of the community criticism has centered on Executive Director David Bryant, who chose not to renew Dr. Loeb’s contract.

At the annual meeting, however, the Board has announced that there will be no public comment.  Board President Tom Phillips says that, because this is the annual meeting, the agenda has a number of special items that must be covered.  Phillips says that he and the ED will both give annual reports on the Clinic, new Board officers will be elected, and a business meeting will be held.

The term of Board Secretary Pam Robinson will also expire at the meeting, and she will not be seeking an additional term.  Tom Phillips says that, while the Board has received applications from community members wishing to be seated, that none of the applications are ready for a final decision, yet.

Tom Phillips says that the public will still be able to attend the meeting, even though they will not have an opportunity to speak.  Public comment is expected to resume at the November Board meeting.

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