Millers Market in Houston Robbed at Gunpoint

On Tuesday evening, an armed man entered Millers Market in Houston and demanded cash.  The man was masked, and pointed a gun at two employees, who are described by store owner Gary Miller as teenage females.  Miller says that the gunman was masked, making identification difficult. He says that surveillance footage is being reviewed for any clues, and that the tape will be provided to the Alaska State Troopers.

Gary Miller says the robber likely got away with less than $200, since business is slow at the store in the winter.  He says that, were it not for a contract with the U.S. Postal Service, he might not even keep the store open outside of the warmer months.  Miller says the robber’s actions were excessive, and that there was no need to brandish a gun, which he said looks like a sawed-off shotgun in surveillance footage, at the young women who were working the counter.  He’s owned the store for nearly forty years, and says nothing like this has ever happened before.  Miller adds that he feels like his bubble has been burst with regard to the possibility of this kind of crime.  Miller says he has been in contact with the Alaska State Troopers, and he believes they are taking the case “very seriously.”

The Troopers issued a press release on Wednesday describing the robber as a male in his early twenties with brown or dark eyes wearing a green hoodie and tan Carhartt pants.  They say anyone with information can call 352-5401.

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