Revenue Sharing Funds Have Arrived in the Upper Valley

Autumn is the time of year when community councils in the Upper Valley receive and review requests for revenue sharing grants.  The funds come from a state program that distributes part of the proceeds from the Oil and Gas Production Tax to boroughs, municipalities, and unincorporated committees.  From there, the local governments are able to spend the funds “for any public purpose.”  In this area, that often means grants for nonprofit organizations.

On Tuesday, the Talkeetna Community Council’s Revenue Sharing Committee met and heard from area nonprofits that are applying for grants.  According to committee chair Charlie Loeb, the TCC has just under $23,000 to give, and has received requests for $49,000 in grants.  Applicants are seeking money for regular operations, equipment, and projects.  The committee expects to present the TCC Board of Directors with its recommendations for consideration at the December meeting.

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