Changing weather is coming, but snow may stay away

The National Weather Service has issued a Special Weather Statement for the end of this week.  It may not be time to break out the snow shovels yet, however.  The last week has seen seasonally high temperatures and abnormally unfrozen precipitation.  While the weather is likely to cool significantly, the snowfall that is predicted to come with the change in the weather pattern may not bring significant snow to the Upper Valley.

Mark Byrd, forecaster with the Anchorage office of the National Weather Service says that the current expectation is that heavy precipitation will be limited to the Gulf Coast area.  He says that, unless there is a significant change, inland areas are not expected to see as much precipitation as the coastal region.  He does add that a significant change is not out of the question.

The return of low temperatures could still mean slick roads where rain and freezing rain fell over the last week.

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