ADF&G Tightens Regs on Reds and Eases on Mat-Valley Silvers

A weak run of sockeye salmon has prompted the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to shut down retention of red salmon in the Larson Creek area.  According to a press release, the escapement goal for the creek is at least 15,000 fish.  As of Wednesday, 9,000 fish had been counted.  Fish and Game estimates a total run of 11,800 sockeye on Larson Creek.

It’s a different story for coho salmon in the Matanuska Valley.  Silvers counted at the Fish Creek weir have already surpassed the low end of the escapement goal, and more are anticipated to keep coming.  As a result, the daily bag limit on silvers in Fish Creek, Cottonwood Creek, and Wasilla Creek has been raised from two to three fish.  Fish and Game also added Mondays to the fishery, which was previously only allowed on Saturday and Sunday.

Both changes take/took effect on Saturday.  Further details, including full fishing regulations, can be found at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website.

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