Tips for Healthy Living-3-24-2017


A  live 15-minute conversation about health and wellness

from health care providers in our communities.

It’s hosted by Holly Stinson, with today’s in-studio guest Keith Kehoe,

a Physician Assistant at Sunshine Community Health Center.


In this program, Keith lets listeners know about an upcoming  diabetes self-management program, Living Well with Diabetes, on April 7th, for pre-diabetics, diabetics, or anyone interested in living well and making healthy choices.

Also coming up is the Choose Respect March, raising awareness for domestic violence on April 15th, along with the Community Baby Shower at NSI, focused on parenting, same day.

Keith also talks about Savvy, a workshop to support families with a member who has dementia or Alzheimer’s, taking place on April 24th.

The medical topic for the day is hematuria (blood in the urine), which can signal a variety of medical conditions, is different for men and women, and can be benign or serious.

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