Tips for Healthy Living 10-6-2017

KKehoe-Tips by KWriter

A  live 15-minute conversation about health and wellness  from health care providers in our communities. It’s hosted by Holly Stinson, with today’s in-studio guest Keith Kehoe, Physician Assistant at Sunshine Community Health Center.

They talk about the year-round flu season in Talkeetna, the upcoming health fair on October 21st, a recent spate of injuries to the lower extremities, and about our precious eyeballs! Keith tells about common eye ailments like conjunctivitis (pink eye), how corneal abrasions can result from a very small particle in the eye, “eye-ritis”, and sudden loss of vision. He tells listeners what to do right away if they experience any symptoms of eye discomfort or pain, and which eye conditions necessitate an immediate trip to the emergency room.

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